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Welcome to Fire-Proof Glass. We are your single one stop source provider of Fire, X-Ray Radiation, Laser, Bullet and Ballistic Resistant Glass and Window Life and Safety Products and assemblies. Ray-Bar has successfully engineered, designed, tested, manufactured, fabricated, and supplied code compliant Life and Safety specialty glazing products and assemblies for over 80+ years. We are a global manufacturer, having worked on a national and international scale for literally thousands of projects and facilities worldwide. 

Fire Rated Glass Expertise and Support

Our experienced professional fire-rated glass sales team will gladly assist you. Whether it is meeting codes and standards for compliant fire glass and window assembly ratings or providing knowledgeable technical support, we offer you the best in class solutions to meet all your fireproof glass needs. With a dedication to customer service, we typically have the fastest turnaround times for standard FireLite, FireLite-NT, FireLite+Plus, WireLite and related fire-rated and UL labeled windows and glazing products.

What's New

What's New

Ray-Bar Fire Rated metal window frames for walls and metal vision view windows for doors are available in a variety of fire ratings from 20 minute up to 180 minute assemblies. These fire rated window frames are available complete with UL labeled monolithic fire glass and required fire glazing tape. Ray-Bar frames are also available with Insulated Glass Units (IGU's) offering additional performance features of STC, Low-E, X-Ray Protective or Ballistic Resistance. 

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Fire Rated Glazing

We are proud to offer UL and ULC listed and UL/ULC (United States and Canada) classified and permanently UL labeled 3/16" thick FireLite clear ceramic fire rated protective glazing products. These products offer a wide variety of options such as 20,45,60 and up to 90 minute fire ratings for wall or door applications. They also meet the required Fire Hose Stream (thermal shock) tests.

3/16" thick FireLite-NT (Filmed) and 5/16" thick FireLite+PLus (Laminated) meet the Impact Resistance requirements of the standards ANSI Z97 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat II and passing the positive pressure test standard of UL 10C, within the maximum permissible width, height or total exposed area limits. (See appropriate FireLite Specifications Data sheets on this site for additional information on size or rating limits and proper product applications)

Impact Resistant Glass Options

These high performance "wireless" clear view ceramic fire protective glazing products are also available in 2 grades of surface clarity as "Standard" or "Premium.” Either grade is also available as Impact Resistant in 3/16" FireLite-NT(filmed) or 5/16" FireLite-Plus(laminated). These clear fire protective ceramics meet the impact safety rating requirements of ANSI-Z97.1 and CPSC 16CFR1201 Cat 1 and 2. *With the quality of current production surfacing methods "Standard" grade is widely accepted and the most common required.

FireLite Insulated Glass Units

FireLite ceramic fire protective glass products are also offered in Insulated Glass Units (IGU) sealed assemblies that can optionally provide the addiational performance of protection from medical diagnostic X-Ray Gamma ionizing radiation (up to 1.6mm and 2.0mm lead shielding equivalency) or the benefits of Low-E ratings, and naturally provide higher insulation factors and sound transmission reduction (STC Rating 35 dB+) than single pane monolithic glazing.

FireLite Ceramic Fire Protective Glazing Products
FireLite Ceramic Products

Fire Resistive Glass Products from Pilkington Pyrostop®

*Important Notice: FireLite ceramic products do not provide “fire resistive” protection from thermal heat transfer or special 60+ minute fire ratings that additionally have temperature rise requirements...however we offer Pyrostop Multi-Laminated Fire Resistive glass to meet these requirments.

Upon customer request for Thermal or temperature rise compliant products we can offer the UL classified Pilkington Pyrostop product lines in 45, 60, 90 and up to 120 minute ratings that are available to meet these “fire resistive” thermal heat transfer or temperature rise requirements.

Fire Rated Glass, X-Ray Glass, Ballistic Glass and More

UL Labeled Fire Rated window frame assemblies can be provided with any of the FireLite ceramic glazing products for fire protective wall, partition, or door applications. They are available in standard or custom sizes and profiles with powder coating and stainless steel durable finish options.

Our extensive range of Life and Safety protective products, systems and accessories complies with applicable U.S. and International fire glass safety codes and specifications. They meet required current construction, safety and industry standards.

Bullet Resistant Glass and Frames

Our Bullet Resistant Glass and Frame product lines are rigorously tested to meet all applicable UL 752 and NIJ 0108.01 ballistic standards of various Handgun and Rifle velocity and caliber threats for Commercial, Law Enforcement and Military applications.

X-Ray Lead Glass Products

Our X-Ray Lead Glass and Lead Lined Window and Shielded Vision Frames provide shielding against X-Ray Gamma Radiation for Medical Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Therapy and NDT rooms. These products offer a wide range of shielding levels and options meeting NCRP Report #49 and #147, and Federal Specification DD-G-451, and ASTM C1036Type 1 Class C, Q3.

Laser Safety Glass

Our Laser Safety Glass, Polycarbonate or Acrylics and steel control view window frame assemblies are available for easy retro-fit installations into existing walls, partitions and doors protecting from a wide range of Laser types and frequencies.

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