FireLite® Premium

Standard FireLite-NT is typically available and "Ready to Ship" in only 3 working days!

Premium Grade FireLite products are finish ground and polished on both surfaces to provide a superior-high-quality surface, visually improving overall clarity and providing a smoother surface that is optically unmatched by alternate fire rated ceramics currently offered on the market.

FireLite-NT Applications

  • This regular 3/16" FireLite product is for use in fire-rated windows that occur in walls at least 25"+ away from any door openings, and not Impact Resistant.
  • However, 3/16" FireLite-NT fire-rated safety filmed products and also 5/16" FireLite+Plus fire-rated safety laminated products are labeled as meeting the Impact Resistance requirements of ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR1201 (Cat I and Cat II) as required per IBC 2406 Safety Glazing in Hazardous Locations.
  • Impact Resistant locations include any windows occurring in a wall within 24" of a door opening, or within 18" of the floor, borrowed lites, sidelites, transoms or any glazing occurring in a swinging or sliding door or other high risks of human impact areas.

Important Notice:

*This product is not a barrier to radiant heat. This product does not meet the test standards of ASTM E-119 or UL 263. If your project requires a "barrier to heat" product please visit the Pilkington PyroStop product webpage.

This FireLite product is NOT for impact safety-rated locations or doors.

FireLite Glass Ceramic Features and Options

  • Fire-Rated up to 90 minutes with required Hose Stream Test
  • Passes the Positive Pressure Test standards of UL 10C,UBC 7-2 and UBC 7-4
  • Withstands sudden Thermal Shock
  • Provides Fire Protection from Flame and Smoke from both sides of FireLite ceramic glass
  • Provides a clear view and is completely wireless
  • Larger pane sizes available (See FireLite approved Listing sizes and limits)
  • Available in 2 optical surface grades: FireLite Standard and FireLite Premium
  • Available as laminated as Impact Resistant FireLite-Plus
  • Can be lightly sandblasted/etched with graphics or logos on 1 side
  • Also available in insulated glass units as FireLite-NT-IGU (Contact Ray-Bar for details)

FireLite Premium Certifications, Listings and Approvals

  • This FireLite product is Classified and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.
  • Ray-Bar's UL File number for labeled fire-rated glazing assemblies is R38927.
  • Tests performed in accordance with UL 9, UL 10B, CSFM 43.7, NFPA 80, NFPA 252, NFPA 257, UBC 43.4, UBC 7-2, UBC 7-4,
    CAN4 S-104 and CAN4 S-106.
  • And approved for use in Los Angeles, CA: LARR 25798
  • Also approved for use in New York City, NY: MEA 290-90-M-6.

Ray-Bar Engineering Technical Data Sheet

Ray-Bar: Your Trusted Source for FireLite Premium Glass Ceramic Products

Ray-Bar Engineering has been a trusted pioneer in fire-rated and safety glass fabrication and product manufacturing for 80+ years. We offer a comprehensive range of fire-protective glazing solutions trusted by commercial, industrial, municipal, scientific, and medical customers nationwide. Whatever your fire-rated glass requirements, Ray-Bar can quickly provide superior-quality products to meet your specified protection application.

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