Fireglass®20 (Tempered) Door Only

FireGlass 20 is typically not a cost-effective Fire Glass glazing option for applications into fire rated door vision lites as this product has a much longer fabrication time, and most importantly it does NOT meet or pass the hose-stream test.

Any 1/4" clear tempered fire-rated glass is inherently susceptible to shattering due to thermal shock, which is when glass is heated by exposure to fire, and then violently shatters when suddenly exposed to cool water such as an automatic fire suppression sprinkler system, or a first responder fireman's water-hose. This shattering can put the first responders and public at greater risk of injury during a fire.

Choose FireLite-NT or FireLite Plus

We will however offer our 3/16" FireLite-NT (Safety Filmed) and/or 5/16" FireLite+Plus (Safety Laminated)  product lines as a far superior alternate fire rated glazing option. These products meet specifications required for use in 20 minute fire rated door applications.

3/16" FireLite-NT (Safety Filmed) and 5/16" FireLite+Plus (Safety Laminated) are always "good in stock" and promptly available from Ray-Bar in only 3-5 working days, offer higher than mere 20-minute fire ratings (FireLite is available as 45, 60, 90 and up to 180 minutes fire ratings). These fire-rated glass product lines also offer larger clear view sizes while maintaining impact resistant safety ratings in compliance with International Building Codes IBC 2406 "Safety Glazing" as required for in door applications. FireLite NT and FireLite Plus also meet both ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 impact safety standards, meeting the hose-stream requirements, and are not sensitive or reactive to sudden thermal shock exposure. These products are a superior performance and fire protective product.

Ray-Bar FireLite products can also optionally be lightly frosted to obscure view and provide privacy to assist in meeting Federal HIPPA privacy law requirements.

Insulated Glass Units

Ray-Bar FireLite products are also available in many Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) assemblies and configurations to provide multi-performance characteristics such as Fire Protective for flame and smoke and additionally: Low-E (U-Insulation), STC (sound attenuation acoustics), X-Ray Shielding (Radiation Protection) and Privacy. Ray-Bar’s IGU assemblies have some size restrictions, but are able to fit any size through the use of mullions and muntins. Our Insulated Glass Units can be utilized with either our FireLite Products or WireLite products. We also provide IGU details for your submittals.

*Our Fire Rated Insulated Glass Units can either be rated for fire protection or fire resistive.

All Ray-Bar fire-rated clear ceramic FireLite glazing product lines are properly UL labeled for Fire Ratings, Impact Resistance and meeting Hose-stream test requirements.

Ray-Bar FireLite products are U.L. Classified under UL File # R38927, and tested to meet UL 9, UL 10C, NFPA 80, NFPA 252, NFPA 257, CAN4 S-104 and CAN4 S-106.

3/16" FireLite-NT (Safety Filmed) and 5/16" FireLite+Plus (Safety Laminated) are rated for applications in either wood or metal fire rated doors, transoms, or sidelites. They are also impact resistant safety rated in compliance with International Building Codes IBC 2406 "Safety Glazing" as required for in-door applications and meet both ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 impact safety glazing national test performance standards.


*Please Note: UL allows higher rated components to be utilized in lower rated assemblies. (I.E., 60-minute glass in a 20-minute door or window assembly)

*Ray-Bar also offers Fire Rated and Impact Resistant WireLite-NT, in standard Diamond Pattern Wire (Misco), and optionally Square Pattern (Georgian).

 *All Ray-Bar fire rated glass products are optionally available with fire rated or approved fire glazing tape.

*Ray-Bar also offers fire rated vision frames, and complete window assembly kits. Our Ray-Bar fire rated vision windows for wood or hollow metal fire rated doors that can offer a vision lite kit for your 20 minute fire rated door requirements. For higher protection requirements in walls we provide fire-rated windows for those applications. With full technical data sheets for submittals and approval.

*If Fire Resistive glass is required for providing flame, smoke and heat barrier performance meeting UL 263 or ASTM E119 please contact us on clear Multi-Laminated intumescent Pyrostop glazing product options:



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