Fireglass®20 (Tempered)

FireGlass20 is a Fire-Rated Impact Safety Rated Clear Tempered Glass UL Classified 20 minute fire-rated 1/4" (6mm) thick glazing material for certain Door applications with Positive Pressure Test UL 10C (WITHOUT HOSE STREAM TEST).

In non-temperature rise fire-rated Doors with a 20-minute maximum fire rating with Positive Pressure Tests UL 10C (WITHOUT HOSE-STREAM TEST) up to 3,204 square inches of maximum exposed clear "daylight" viewing area installed in a door vision frame with a 36" maximum width or 89" maximum height dimension.

This product is for impact safety-rated locations in Doors.

FireGlass20 fire-rated tempered gazing material is labeled as meeting the Impact Safety Rated requirements of ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR1201 (Cat I and Cat II) as required per IBC 2406 Safety Glazing in Hazardous Locations.

*Impact Safety Rated locations include any glazing occurring in a swinging or sliding door.


*For higher fire rated 45, 60 and 90-minute glazing requirements with required Hose Stream Test please see FireLite ceramic glazing product options.

Important Notice:

*This product is not a barrier to radiant heat. This product does not meet the test standards of ASTM E-119 or UL 263. If your project requires a "barrier to heat" product please visit the Pilkington PyroStop product webpage.

FireGlass 20 features and options

  • Fire-Rated to 20 minutes in specified size limits, (Without Hose Stream Test)
  • Clear and wireless (89% Light Transmission)
  • Tempered (at least 4x times stronger than wired glass)  
  • Passes the Positive Pressure Test standards of UL 10C (Without Hose Stream Test)
  • Impact Resistant Safety Rated meeting ANSI.Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR1201 (Cat.I and II)
  • Protection from fire and impact safety both sides of glass
  • See approved Listing sizes and limits
  • Available in Insulated Glass Units (IGU) with other glass product options  

Fireglass 20 Certifications, Listings and Approvals

  • This FireGlass 20 product is Classified and labeled as 20 Minute fire rated by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada.
  • Ray-Bar's UL File number for labeled fire-rated glazing assemblies is R38927.
  • Tests performed in accordance with CSFM 43.7, NFPA 252, UL 9, UL 10B and UL 10C (WITHOUT HOSE STREAM TEST) 
  • Approved for use in Los Angeles: LARR 25798

Ray-Bar Engineering Technical Data Sheet


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