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Engineers, Designers, Fabricators and Manufacturers of Life and Safety Products and Materials

Product Presentation

Ray-Bar Engineering Corporation is a foremost leader in the design, fabrication and manufacture of various specialty Life and Safety products and materials, supplying the United States and global marketplace for over 75+ years. Ray-Bar’s reputation of prompt deliveries on all of our Life and Safety product lines is achieved by maintaining perhaps the largest variety and inventory of protective materials in the U.S.A.

Our knowledge of custom requirements is kept in tune by our ongoing research, development, refinement, design, testing, building code compliance reviews, and installation of our products, materials and systems on literally tens of thousands of projects Nationally and Worldwide.



Ray-Bar fabricates and manufactures a complete line of Fire, Radiation and Ballistic Resistant products and materials including, but not limited to:

  • UL Labeled and Listed Specialty Gypsum Wallboard and Partition Designs
  • Fire Rated Wood and Metal Doors
  • Fire Rated Metal Door and Window Frames
  • Specialty Telescopic Steel View Window Frames
  • Fire Rated Insulated Glass Units (IGU's)
  • Fire Resistant Glass in various ratings
  • Fire Protective Glass in various ratings
  • Temperature Rise Rated glass
  • Fire Rated Ballistic Resistant Glass (UL Level 3 Handgun up to .44 Mag)
  • Fire Rated X-Ray IGU assemblies
  • Ballistic Resistant Laminated Low Iron Glass and Clear Polycarbonate
  • X-Ray Safety Glass and X-Ray Lead Glass
  • Stationary and Mobile Ballistic and Radiation Control Barriers
  • Radiation Protective and Ballistic Resistant Modular Panels
  • Fire Rated Vision Window frames for Doors
  • Fire Rated Lead Lined Vision Window frames for Doors
  • Ballistic Vision Window frames for Doors
  •  Many other Fire, Radiation and Ballistic Resistant Products

"Setting the Standard in Life and Safety Protective Products for Over 75+ Years"

Performance Capabilities

Ray-Bar's protective materials and products set the industry standards for code compliance and performance.  Our standard specialty Life and Safety products are promptly available and meet all current federal specifications, codes and standards.

All of Ray-Bar UL Labeled Fire Rated components and related systems, windows or partition assemblies are tested in accordance with all applicable UL, ANSI, ASTM and NFPA standards such as: ANSI / UL 263, ASTM E119 and NFPA 251 "Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials" and CAN / ULC-S101 "Standard Methods of Fire Endurance Tests of Building Construction and Materials" on gypsum partitions meeting ASTM C1396 and in compliance with all currently applicable UBC and IBC building code requirements.

Ray-Bar Fire Glass, X-Ray Glass and Ballistic Glass , and related frames, components and assemblies meet all applicable current criteria, codes and standards for their specific applications and are properly matched together for meeting the customers specified performance requirements and ratings.

All of Ray-Bar's Life and Safety Glass products for installation into Fire Rated swinging door assemblies are properly labeled in accordance with the International Building Code IBC Section 2406 "Safety Glazing" for hazardous locations meeting ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat II requirements for impact resistance.

All of Ray-Bar Life and Safety Fire Rated, Radiation Shielded and Ballistic Resistant hollow metal windows and doors are manufactured to industry standards with materials meeting applicable ASTM and ANSI standards. Our Fire rated doors are also available and meet current UL, NFPA, UBC and IBC requirements.

Ray-Bar's lead lined radiation shielded windows and X-Ray Glass, solid core wood doors, hollow metal shielded doors and lead-lined frames are manufactured to applicable NCRP and ICRP lead-lined door/frame criteria and standards in physical quality descriptions.

Ray-Bar's Ballistic Windows and Glazing and fabricated, manufactured and tested to meet UL 752 and NIJ 0108.01 applicable ballistic resistant standards.


Ray-Bar offers technical support in all phases of the design/build process, which allows the architect, owner, and contractor to confidently expect a faster construction and superior product from implementation of design to manufacturing and installation. Ray-Bar is a pioneer and innovator in new life and safety technologies, product research and development, cutting edge protective systems, safety, code compliance and material integration designs. Ray-Bar offers professional assistance in designing and meeting the specific project requirements in meeting the construction specialty specifications for materials, products, approved assemblies, codes, standards, performance and compliance.

"Experienced and knowledgeable professionals providing outstanding performance in threat resistant and protective products."

LEED Compliance

Ray-Bar is a proud member of the U.S. Green Building Council and the Canada Green Building Council. We happily assist with documenting and submitting Ray-Bar's products and materials for your school, facility, courthouse, hospital or medical center's LEED materials and resources (MR) credits to apply for achieving LEED certification for the construction project.

"Responsibly providing sustainable and recyclable green materials and product options."

Mission Statement

To provide knowledgeable and professional services while setting the highest ethical standards of integrity in advanced Life and Safety, Fire Resistant and Protective, X-Ray Radiation Shielding and Ballistic Resistant designs, systems, products and materials. We comply with all applicable national and international building construction and material life, safety regulations and codes for the confident expectation of protection, performance and compliance.

Every day we fulfill our corporate motto: "When protection is required, there is no substitute for skill and experience".

The Ray-Bar Advantage

  • Fastest Custom Fabrication Times
  • First Ever UL Listed, Approved And Labeled Shielding Materials and assemblies
  • UL Approved On More Unique Designs
  • Highest Industry Standards
  • Meets All Applicable Material Quality Standards
  • Meets All Applicable National Standards
  • Meets All Applicable International Standards
  • Meets All Applicable Building and Safety Codes
  • Certified And Continuously Tested Materials
  • More Standard Shielded and Resistant Panel Product Choices
  • More Custom Options And Designs
  • Many Exclusive And Unique Products
  • Huge Accessories And Component Selection
  • Highest Quality Assurance Standards
  • Outstanding Shielding, Protective and Resistant System Designs
  • Largest Domestic Inventory
  • Meets All Applicable Life and Safety Codes
  • Meets All Applicable Building Codes
  • Dependable Shielding and Threat Resistant Properties
  • Excellent Technical Support
  • All Products Fabricated In USA facilities
  • Available Delivered to Projects Worldwide
  • 75+ Years’ Experience



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