FireLite®-IGU X-Ray Lead Glass

Fire rated x-ray lead glass insulated glass units are available with fire ratings up to 180 minutes in doors (with size limits) and 90 minutes in walls and are able to meet any lead equivalency that your project requires. The minimum thickness is 1" and will increase depending on lead shielding value requirements. These units are typically available in 5-7 days. We also offer lead lined fire rated frames to accept the units for wall or door applications.

If your project requires a triple threat protection of fire, radiation, and bullet resistance, we also offer a product that can meet these requirements.

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Ray-Bar: Your Trusted Source for Superior X-Ray Lead Glass Products

Ray-Bar Engineering has been a trusted pioneer in fire-rated and safety glass fabrication and product manufacturing for 80+ years. We offer a comprehensive range of fire-protective glazing solutions trusted by commercial, industrial, municipal, scientific, and medical customers nationwide. Whatever your fire-rated glass requirements, Ray-Bar can quickly provide superior-quality products to meet your specified protection application.

Contact us today to learn how Ray-Bar can be your one-stop supplier for all your fire-rated glass and product needs. Request a quote online to promptly receive pricing estimates on your order. For high-quality fire rated x-ray lead glass products , choose Ray-Bar Engineering.


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