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Pilkington Pyrostop® Glass Products

Pilkington Pyrostop is a versatile and durable glazing product that can achieve high fire ratings, safety rating, and providing heat barrier performance, also available optionally as meeting UL 752 level 3 bullet resistance for Handgun threats up to .44 Mag.

Pyrostop is a multi-laminated product using low-iron, colorless, high light transmission glass with clear intumescent interlayers.

Pyrostop is available in many different thicknesses and fire ratings up to 2 hours with hose stream test.

Pyrostop protects against fire, smoke, radiant and conductive heat transfer and is UL listed, classified, and permanently labeled. There are options for interior, exterior, door, or wall applications. Being a laminated product, it is naturally safety rated and meets ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 16 CFR 1201 Cat II requirements for impact resistance in compliance with International Building Code IBC 2406 "Safety Glazing".

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We also have many different UL listed framing Fire Designs available for meeting various fire ratings detailed in PDF or CAD / DWG file formats.

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